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Sea World announced the death of a 3 week old baby beluga born in captivity, referring to her as “it”, thanking people “for their thoughts and support during this difficult time for our team” while failing to mention the mother at all.  Also:  fuck Sea World.

Commentary on the grand jury’s failure to indict the TX veterinarian who shot a cat to death with an arrow and bragged about it on Facebook.  (Thanks Loran.)

One of the candidates for mayor of Memphis has caught the attention of animal advocates.  (Thanks Claire.)

A pet shop in Brazil put shelter puppies and kittens in its cages for one day and gave them away to customers.  (Thanks Lisa.)

The ceremonial burial of a bobcat 2000 years ago in IL leads to speculation that the animal was kept as a pet by Native Americans.

I wonder how long this gator was walking around Manhattan before anyone noticed.

Abandoned chicken church now serving as lover’s lane.  (Thing I’ve always wanted to write.)

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  1. All of us at SeaWorld are saddened by the loss of our beluga calf, who died yesterday after weeks of intensive, round the clock care. The three-week old calf was born about a month premature.
    The calf was not gaining weight at the rate our veterinarians expected, even though it did nurse from its mother. To supplement those feedings, the animal care team hand fed her specialized marine mammal infant formula seven times a day. A necropsy will be performed this morning, with results expected in six to eight weeks. Losing an animal in our care is never easy, and we thank everyone for their thoughts and support during this difficult time for our team.

    so they used WHO not that.. and said HER not it..meanwhile
    always called HIM
    not every thing is black and white

      1. “who died yesterday”.. and ..”th3e animal care team hand fed her…” I am sure they did everything within their power to save the calf ( that is what newborn whales are called.. not “baby belugas”) What would you like them to say about the mother?

      2. They referred to the calf as “it” in the quoted portion. “…it did nurse from its mother.” And as far as what they might say about the mother, perhaps how she’s doing. Giving birth is physically demanding, and losing one’s newborn offspring must be emotionally devastating.

  2. Finally, a politician in Memphis that gives a damn! I hope to follow his campaign and hold him to his promises.

  3. “Also: fuck Sea World.”

    Best also ever.

    Mayor in Memphis – please oh please oh please oh please! Because that is the ONLY way anything is going to change at MAS.

    And we all know that the gator was walking around Manhattan because of feral cats killing off his natural prey and forcing him into the area to find food. It’s always the feral cats, you know.

  4. HA – “gator was walking around Manhattan because of feral cats killing off his natural prey” pretty funny. Loved the chicken – thank you read you every work day.

  5. Just read the gator has died in the “care” of ACC – I am sorry to hear that.

  6. Just saw this on Google+

    Bibb Sheriff’s Corrections Deputy arrested on dog fighting charge Bibb Sheriff’s Corrections Deputy Sheryl Denise Smith was arrested Monday morning on the charge of dog fighting and party to a crime

    Lorraine “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.” — Francis of Assisi


  7. Why are you opposing Sea World? They have rescued over 24,000 animals! Sea World also sets the highest standard of care for marine mammals in the world! Sea World also inspires millions of visitors to become an active participant in conservation and have a better appreciation for the ocean and the plants/animals in it. In fact, if it wasn’t for Sea World, I would still think that killer whales are mean and aggressive all the time. But now, because of Sea World, I love them! “Blackfish” deceives people, though. I can’t believe people fall for those kind of tricks so easily. Do your research.

    1. The “highest standard” doesn’t mean they’re doing something good. There is no way to humanely and appropriately keep these enormous marine mammals in captivity. And I remain unimpressed by their “rescue” efforts. If I rescue a dog off the street and then keep her in a tiny crate 24/7 for the rest of her life, does that really count as rescue? Am I really doing a good thing? And does rescuing one animal, even if it’s a genuine rescue of that animal, negate the abuse of other animals?

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