Vintage French Bulldogs

House dogs. (1908, January). House and Garden, pp. 35-38
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French bulldogs. (1908, July). House and Garden, p. 36.
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Dogdom, March 1911
Dogdom, May 1911
The Dog Fancier, October 1920
Watson Coleman’s French bulldog Gamin’s Boni Boy on the cover of Dogdom, March 1921
Dogdom, May 1921
Dogdom, November 1921
Dogdom, January 1922
Dogdom, February 1922
Dogdom, March 1911
Note the $1000 stud fee in the top ad in comparison to the regular $15 and $20 fees in the ads beneath it. This was a typo which was corrected in the next issue (see below). Dogdom, April 1911
Corrected stud fee in this ad from Dogdom, May 1911
The Dog Fancier, March 1920
Dogdom, July 1921

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