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  1. Alice

     /  November 21, 2016

    A judge orders the return of the animals seized from Tiger Ridge by the 29th.–Tiger-Ridge-animals-to-be-returned-to-Wood-County-402269775.html

  2. I just came across this horrible story about a dog owner in TX who brought her pet in to Petsmart for a nail trim and got back a dog who was gasping his last breaths, having been apparently beaten to death by the groomer. She is suing Petsmart.

  3. This article is about a study finding that the more dogs were bred to differ from wolves, the less athletic they became. It also introduced me to the word pup-tato.

  4. Just a quick heads up that my monitor is dying. If at some point soon I seem to disappear, that’ll most likely be thanks to my monitor.



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