Vintage Dogs: Imports

Forest and Stream, January 19, 1882
From the cover of The Dog Fancier, May 1909
Dogdom, December 1909
Dogdom, February 1910
From the cover of The Dog Fancier, February 1913
Three images of imported collie Parbold Prior in The Dog Fancier, May 1913
The Dog Fancier, August 1913
Dogdom, January 1914
Dogdom, January 1914
Dogdom, February 1914
Dogdom, February 1914
Using “nearly noseless” as a selling point on a dog should be disallowed.
From Dogdom, December 1909
I would have named him Oh Dear Lord.
From Dogdom, December 1909
Dogdom, April 1913

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  1. Lord Ashville reminds me of the current exotic American bullies, front assembly like a queen ann table.

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