Vintage Dog Photos: Random V

Source for the images above:
Brooks, N. (1889, October). Among dogs of high degree. St. Nicholas, pp. 882-886
Dogdom, May 1909
Dogdom, May 1909
Dogdom, June 1909
Dogdom, October 1909
Cover of Dogdom magazine, August 1913
If this was my dog, I would have business cards printed that said “Dan, greyhound” and hand them out to everyone.
Dogdom, February 1914
House and Garden, September 1919
Source: Lemmon, R.S. (November 1919). The two fox terriers. House and Garden, p. 50
Ad in House and Garden, October 1919
An ad in House and Garden, November 1919. This is a steep price, close to $9000 in today’s money, for a dog not advertised as a show dog, an import or even a trained pet. House and Garden catered to a wealthy readership.
House and Garden, November 1919

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