Vintage Dog Book Images: You Don’t See That Nowadays

A lovely illustration showing Afghan hounds under a former breed name: From the book British Dogs, Their Points, Selection, and Show Preparation by William D. Drury, 1903 Definitely not an Afghan hound but apparently another type of dog from Afghanistan: From Everyman's Book of the Dog by A. Croxton Smith, 1909 Enjoy Garry the wolf … Continue reading Vintage Dog Book Images: You Don’t See That Nowadays

Weekend Willa

Zero chance of getting Jade to pose for a picture on Fourth of July weekend so Willa will be covering this shift. And if your ASMR trigger is cronch, here you go: Willa crunching some Puffins. (Same video on YouTube, just in case the one here gives any trouble.)

Standards of Care

The term “responsible pet ownership” has its roots in “racism, classism, and the White dominant culture.” That is according to researchers with the University of Denver’s Institute for Human-Animal Connection, who argued that some animal control policies perpetuate racial and income inequities in the United States. [...] Not only driven by “racism, classism, and the White … Continue reading Standards of Care