Adopting a Shelter Pet during the Holidays

(Stock image via Pexels) In my inbox this morning, a press release promoting a holiday adoption drive in which the shelter in Charlotte, North Carolina is participating: Bissell Pet Foundation is bringing hope to homeless pets across the country this holiday season with its “Empty the Shelters – Holiday Hope” event, December 6 - 20, 2021. … Continue reading Adopting a Shelter Pet during the Holidays

Knock, Knock: Santa’s at the Door and He’s Got a Puppy

Pets make great gifts and I'm glad to see many shelters are finally coming around to that view, even if some only embrace the concept once a year.  Christmas deliveries of adopted shelter pets to their new families has grown in popularity and along with it, some long overdue myth-busting. Staff from the New Hampshire Society … Continue reading Knock, Knock: Santa’s at the Door and He’s Got a Puppy

Merry Christmas

Celebrating the human-animal bond with photos and captions submitted by readers: Thank you to everyone who sent in photos for this post. It was a pleasure putting these pictures together. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope everyone is having a happy day celebrating the bond we share with our animals. Pets are family.

Name That Animal – Rankin/Bass Edition

This is just for fun and the only rule is:  no researching.  Looking for actual names here, not the type of animal like we usually do.  Post your best guesses in the comments.  Reading other people's answers before posting your own gets you coal in your stocking is optional.  Answers will be posted later today.