PETA Partners with a Local AC Unit in Killing 19,000 Animals

PETA strikes again – this time in Lake Elsinore, CA at a facility breeding rodents and reptiles.  One of PETA’s infamous undercover investigations documenting alleged cruelty was brought to the city government.  The city partnered with PETA, local animal control and a number of other organizations to investigate the facility.  On December 16, city spokesman Justin Carlson “said experts will treat any of the reptiles or rodents if they are found to be ill.”

From a series of press releases on the city’s website:

December 13:

Yesterday, the City inspected the facility and found evidence of animal neglect.


PETA spokeswoman Daphna Nachminovitch commented that PETA’s mission in this case is to ensure all animals receive necessary treatment[.]

December 17:

As of noon today, approximately 600 reptiles and 18,400 rodents have been identified and assessed by a team of veterinary experts, rat and reptile specialists, and animal cruelty investigation professionals. Willa Bagwell (Executive Director of Animal Friends of the Valleys) stated “we are continuing to inventory and evaluate the rodent population. The reptile counts have been confirmed and we continue to assess their situation as well.”

Upon entrance to the building, inspectors identified a dire situation. According to Willa Bagwell, “what we saw was horrific animal conditions involving thousands of dead animals in various states of decay as well as dying in their enclosures. In my 25 years of conducting animal control this is the most horrific case of animal cruelty, neglect, and suffering that I have encountered.”

December 19:

After careful analysis, a team […] determined […] euthanasia was the safest and most humane option[.]

Willa Bagwell said, […] “We are thankful […] to PETA and Marin Humane Society for providing us with the resources needed for this operation.”

Approximately 19,000 animals, most of them rodents, were killed.  Not one living creature was saved.  Not one mouse.  Not one baby rat.  Not one snake.  This is PETA’s mission – to administer their version of “necessary treatment” to animals.  And they provide the resources.

No charges have been filed in connection with the case as far as I know.

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