Weekend Willa

With a guest appearance by Newt. Jade, alas, got scared by the neighbors shooting their guns (if I'm honest, it startled me too and I yelled out "Gee whiz!" or possibly something more sweary) so she didn't get her picture taken today. Please accept these substitutes of similar quality.


A little hello, a little more personal news, a lot more light. On Sunday, Billy and I were married at our home of seventeen years.  We had one guest:  Newt.  


File under:  My Dog is The Smartest Dog. Mulder usually carries her yogurt cup over to her bed to lick the sides and polish it clean.  Because otherwise, it's the old trying-to-lick-the-cup-while-it-slides-all-over-the-kitchen-floor thing which is you know, undignified.  But tonight she had a new idea:  drop it inside her dinner bowl for added stability.  I … Continue reading Backinbowl