Dog Product Review: Kong Wobbler

When I was asked if I would be interested in receiving a Kong Wobbler to review, I was skeptical for a couple of reasons.  First, my dogs have never really been into Kongs – even when I stuff them with treats.  They dump the treats out immediately, scarf them up, and it’s all done for the toy.  Second, since I’ve never reviewed a product before – official like – I wondered, “What if my dogs don’t like this version of the Kong or if for some reason, I don’t like it?”  In asking that very question I was told to just give an honest opinion.  So I figured I’d give it a whirl.

I’m glad I did.  The Kong Wobbler is different from the regular Kong in that it’s weighted at the bottom and the hole for dispensing treats is much smaller and located on the side.  It’s basically a treat-filled Weeble.  I like that it’s not designed for instant reward but rather something to play with over time.  For my dogs, this was an immense improvement and definitely generated some interest.  I filled it with some of the salmon treats (Scroll down to IQ Treats) they included in the box and took a few photos of Patti and Graham interacting with the toy.

Graham is a little under the minimum suggested dog weight for the toy (25 pounds) but she loves to tip things over so we let her have a go.

It’s Paws Up for the Kong Wobbler at our house!

What was Under Your Tree Today?

Apparently I was very good this year (who knew, right?) and Santa brought me some great pressies from my wishlist:

1. Redemption by Nathan Winograd

2. The Pit Bull Placebo by Karen Delise

Note: If you are wanting to pick up either/both of these books with some of that Xmas cash you got in your stocking, you can go to Caveat’s site and find them on the left hand side. If you click thru to Amazon via Caveat, a portion of the sales go to the Banned Aid Coalition which is like getting a gift for yourself and giving a gift to a good cause at the same time.

3. A 14 oz. tub of dried liver treats which I’m going to pulverize in the food processor for use in dog treat recipes.

4. Two cookie sheets to make all those treats on (you don’t want to know all the makeshift things I’ve been using to bake treats on – cookie sheets, your time has come!)

5. Pedipaws. (Nail grinder thingy you’ve prolly seen the commercials for on TV.) Now see, this is how much Billy hates nail clipping cos actually, he doesn’t even do the clipping, I do. He helps hold a few of the dogs who require assistance (Emily requires “assistance” from a secure muzzle in addition to a steadier so she doesn’t devour my face in Chihuahua sized bites while getting her nails trimmed). Anyway, he got us the Pedipaws so we’ll be acclimating the dogs to it in the coming weeks (soon as we get the required batteries – doh!) and see how it goes. If I get any startling results, I’ll post about it again. Congratulations Pedipaws on successfully marketing to Billy!

Please share your Xmas loot in the comments if you like.