Vintage Puppies IX Just a few comments on the post today. Dogdom, April 1911 Dogdom, June 1911 Dogdom, September 1911 Haynes, W. (December 1914). The merry little cocker. House and Garden, pp. 354-356 House and Garden, February 1915 "hot-house methods"! Two images from: Norman, A. (February 1915). Airedale the all-round dog. House and Garden, pp. 83-85 Haynes, … Continue reading Vintage Puppies IX


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Samoyeds in Dogdom, May 1918 Dogdom, June 1918 Dogdom, July 1918 Dogdom, July 1918 Bonus pic of mama: Dogdom, July 1918 Dogdom, August 1918 Dogdom, October 1918 Maltese pups in Dogdom, November 1918 Dogdom, November 1918 Dogdom, December 1918 Dogdom, December 1918 Dogdom, December 1918 Dogdom, December 1918 Dogdom, July 1918