Vintage Dog Ads V

Breeder and Sportsman, August 22, 1885 Breeder and Sportsman, October 10, 1885 Breeder and Sportsman, March 27, 1886 Breeder and Sportsman, January 11, 1913 Breeder and Sportsman, April 5, 1913 Country Life, August 1928 Country Life, July 1928 Country Life, July 1928 Two from Country Life, October 1928

Vintage Dog Ads IV

Field and Stream, October 1923 Two from Field and Stream, August 1922 Forest and Stream, August 7, 1879 Two from The Dog Fancier, December 1921 Breeder and Sportsman, January 1884 Breeder and Sportsman, April 5, 1884 Close-up from ad above appearing in Country Life, May 1928 Country Life, May 1928

Vintage Dog Ads III

Possibly the best puppy ad, from The Field Illustrated, 1915 Forest and Stream, January 16, 1879 Field and Stream, June 1927 The Field Illustrated, 1915 Field and Stream, July 1929 Three from Field and Stream, September 1931 Field and Stream, October 1923 Field and Stream, December 1924

Vintage Dog Ads II

The Dog Fancier, August 1906 The Dog Fancier, September 1906 The Dog Fancier, December 1906 Ad from the backpages of Glover's Album by veterinarian H. Clay Glover, 1886 Two ads from Sports Afield, March 15, 1891 From Field and Stream, February 1900 From Sports Afield, April 15, 1891 Two from The Fanciers' Journal, 1890

Vintage Dog Ads

Four from The American Field, 1895: If only they had a deck of cards. From the classifieds of The Breeder and Sportsman The Illustrated London News, July 14, 1888 Forest and Stream, 1890 From The Dog Fancier, January 1903 From The Dog Fancier, October 1903 From Dogdom magazine, July 1907

Vintage Dog Book Images: You Don’t See That Nowadays

A lovely illustration showing Afghan hounds under a former breed name: From the book British Dogs, Their Points, Selection, and Show Preparation by William D. Drury, 1903 Definitely not an Afghan hound but apparently another type of dog from Afghanistan: From Everyman's Book of the Dog by A. Croxton Smith, 1909 Enjoy Garry the wolf … Continue reading Vintage Dog Book Images: You Don’t See That Nowadays