What Are Your Pets Eating Today?

Are you making a special meal for your animals? Table scraps? Any recipes you’d like to share?

I made some pumpkin biscuits for the dogs but might make something else too, if I ever get out of my pajamas and get moving.  Whatever you are doing today, I hope you are doing it happily and without creating too many dirty dishes.


Newt, stalking a shedding lizard, which she would probably like to have for a holiday snack.

Name That Animal

Especially for those who are prepping for a giant meal, here is a lovely photo.  This is just for fun and the only rule is:  no researching.  Post your guesses in the comments.  Reading other people’s answers before posting your own will make your relatives even angrier than is usual for a holiday is optional.  Answer will be posted in the comments tomorrow.



Weekend Jade


Yes ok I will humor you lady with twig. Look I’m playing tug, oh your strength is overwhelming, grr, etc.

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CT Pet Importers Charged for Violating State Law

The shelter manager and the executive director of the Little Guild of St. Francis animal shelter in CT were each charged with eight counts of failure to maintain examination records and eight counts of importing pets without health certificates. The women reportedly traveled regularly to out of state shelters to obtain animals.

The charges stem from an investigation by the state which alleges that some of the imported shelter pets were sick, others were not vaccinated for rabies.  Both women had spoken with police about the state laws regarding animal importation multiple times and had the requirements explained to them.  They allegedly told police they would stop importing animals in violation of the law.  A written warning was issued to them in October.

Following their arrests, the shelter manager resigned and the executive director is planning to resign.  They are due to enter their pleas in court on December 1.

(Thanks Clarice.)

Shelter Pet of the Day – Brooklyn

I have no idea why this gorgeous cat named Chloe is on the kill list at the Brooklyn shelter and I am not going to read their assplanation either.  I just love her face and hope someone who can adopt her loves her face too.  Please share her with your friends on social media.


Chloe, ID #A1096220 at the Brooklyn Animal Care Center in NY

Brooklyn ACC
2336 Linden Blvd.
Brooklyn, NY 11208
Phone: 311 (212-788-4000 if outside NYC)

LA Pound Kills Two Lost Dogs While Telling Owner They Aren’t There


Rufus (top) and Mikey, as shown on the KTBS website.

When Amber McMillan’s dogs, Rufus and Mikey, got lost last month, she went to the long troubled Caddo Parish Animal Shelter in Louisiana looking for them. She brought photos of her pets to show staff and was escorted around the kennels. After not finding the dogs on her first visit, she filled out two lost pet reports. She returned to the shelter two days later to again show pictures and look for her pets. Three days after that, same. Then two days later. Even her parents visited the facility looking for Rufus and Mikey. But the staff repeatedly said they had not seen the dogs. When Ms. McMillan went to the shelter again, 12 days after her first visit, she was finally informed her dogs had been at the facility but were killed after the four day holding period expired. No staff member had ever contacted her about the dogs.

When asked by local media for an interview about the killing of Rufus and Mikey, pound director Chuck Wilson refused. But in a statement issued by the parish, the pound accepted full responsibility for their violent actions which needlessly and permanently ripped a family apart. Only joking. They complimented themselves and blamed the owner:

[I]n their press statement, the parish says “no paperwork pertaining to Ms. McMillan’s missing pet report was misplaced or improperly located.” The statement goes on to say, “proper protocol and procedure was followed.”
“Unfortunately, [Ms. McMillan] did not identify her pets after each visit.”

So to recap, they HAD the lost pet reports with the descriptions of the dogs and the owner’s contact information the entire time, they just never contacted her. And the lady was too dingy to recognize her own dogs so shrug.

Ms. McMillan posted a response on social media, describing herself as heartbroken:

They were my babies for over 10 years.
Every time I went in and showed pictures they claimed [the dogs] hadn’t come in and had no record of them being there.
I did not overlook my dogs that I have had for over 10 years. They were not in the areas I was shown.

I believe you Ms. McMillan. And I’m sorry your beloved pets fell prey to monsters who kill the very animals they are paid to protect from harm.

(Thank you Clarice.)

Weekend Jade


A cold rain, all day long.

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With little to say, I find some small refuge in the words of others.

[The word balance] seems to speak as much to being stuck and immovable, as much as to harmony. There is also the sense of unbalancing that must take place in order to push a person into a new and larger set of circumstances.

— English poet and philosopher David Whyte

It’s been a hell of a year.  I haven’t been able to look at any stories of shelter pets being hurt or killed this week so I have nothing to write for the blog.  But I didn’t want to just go dark so I looked in my drafts folder to see if anything was swirling around and I found this.  I saved it one year ago.  I believe my intention at the time was to examine the quote in terms of its relevance to shelter reform.  Today, when I find myself lacking, I am glad to come across this quote and to observe its relevance in a different way.  I thought some of you might enjoy it too.

I realize this is not the type of post most of you come here to read.  In consideration of that, I won’t prattle on.  Suffice to say, I am lost and afraid and deeply saddened.  But I am not alone.  We are not alone.  The only thing I feel certain of right now, is the importance of remaining connected to one another.  This I know.  Stay together, no matter what.

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