What Really Happens to FREE Shelter Pets

Added, October 14, 2013Some of you have taken this tongue-in-cheek post seriously and have jumped in without watching the video or reading anyone else’s comments.  I have just two things to say to you:  1.  It was meant to be IRONIC and CLEVER and SWEET.  2.  You lot are ruining the internet by making me explain this.

Original post:

To the many commenters who have visited this blog in an effort to set me straight on the the hazards of free adoptions – specifically that they put shelter pets into the hands of abusers – I dedicate this post to you.  Last night I received this horrifying video from someone who requested to be kept anonymous.  She proudly stated she had obtained this shelter dog for free.  As if the cruelty exhibited in the video isn’t bad enough, she admitted the dog is subjected to this same abomination every night.  While I have agreed not to publicly identify the abuser, I did Google her and suffice to say – she looks like trouble.

Please take care that no small children are in the room when watching this clip, particularly at bedtime, and turn the sound up in order to experience the complete terror.

Shelters, rescuers and all animal lovers, please remember this poor dog the next time you think about possibly waiving adoption fees on pets.  The next free pet you place could end up in this same situation.