That Tingle Means It’s Working!

GA legislators approved a bill to end the use of the gas chamber in the state yesterday and sent it to the Governor for signing.  The approval was not unanimous however:

But in voting against the bill, Sen. Bill Heath, a Republican from Bremen, championed the merits of gas as the most humane way for animals – and humans – to die.

From the well, Heath recounted a story in which he was working on his car and got overcome by carbon monoxide gas. He said he experienced a “drowsy, euphoric” feeling. No pain at all.

“I wasn’t worried about anything. There was nothing adverse about the feeling and I knew that this feeling good was a bad sign,” Heath said. “I can understand why people use it to commit suicide.”

Well, isn’t that special?  Needless to say, the comments sparked some outrage:

“Between 1941 and 1945 there were about 6 million people who would disagree with you about that gas,” said Sen. Steve Thompson (D-Marietta). “I can’t think of anyone who would support that method when you have another.”


Added Gloria Butler (D-Stone Mountain): “For a senator to come to well and say [Carbon Monoxide gas] makes you feel good is inconceivable.”

Senator Heath explained himself later:

“I do know that gas is a lot less traumatic than a needle. I know that first hand. When I get a shot, I jump even now. And I don’t think there is a soul in this building that would want to hurt an animal.”

So basically, because Senator Heath is afraid of needles and because he had a swell time huffing car exhaust once, he wants all the shelter pets in his state to share his personal experiences.  I guess GA shelter pets can be glad the good Senator did not report getting a kick out of smoking crack.

Also, FYI Senator Heath, if no one in the building wants to hurt an animal, you could actually stop killing friendly pets in GA and start sheltering them instead.  Just a suggestion.

Signed, Shocked in GA

Here’s the problem:  People want to take their dogs off leash in public parks because I guess it’s too tedious to have to actually hold the leash.  Especially when they haven’t trained the dog to walk without pulling the owner’s arm out of its socket.  So that’s two things – holding the leash and training *shudder*.

Then there are people who want to use the public parks without strange dogs running up to/jumping on/chasing them.  This group includes people walking their own dogs on leash as well as people who come to the park without dogs (Whaaaa?).

The people who can’t be bothered to train the dog to walk normally on a leash are often the same ones who claim the dog to be under “voice control”.  Pretty much everyone on the planet knows this is a crock.

A city in Georgia is debating what to do about this issue.  One idea:

At tonight’s city council workshop, resident Richard Linteris showed off a special wireless collar that can be triggered to shock a dog who misbehaves or strays too far.

Don’t worry folks.  This man is a professional:

“I guarantee you, you crank these up and you can get a dog to stop whatever he’s doing, the bad behavior, 100 percent of the time,” Linteris said.

Oh dear.

I have an alternate proposal:  How about we shock people who don’t train their dogs and let them run wild in public parks?  I’m normally anti-shock collar but if it will stop these owners’ bad behavior 100% of the time, I could maybe make an exception.