Signed, Shocked in GA

Here’s the problem:  People want to take their dogs off leash in public parks because I guess it’s too tedious to have to actually hold the leash.  Especially when they haven’t trained the dog to walk without pulling the owner’s arm out of its socket.  So that’s two things – holding the leash and training *shudder*.

Then there are people who want to use the public parks without strange dogs running up to/jumping on/chasing them.  This group includes people walking their own dogs on leash as well as people who come to the park without dogs (Whaaaa?).

The people who can’t be bothered to train the dog to walk normally on a leash are often the same ones who claim the dog to be under “voice control”.  Pretty much everyone on the planet knows this is a crock.

A city in Georgia is debating what to do about this issue.  One idea:

At tonight’s city council workshop, resident Richard Linteris showed off a special wireless collar that can be triggered to shock a dog who misbehaves or strays too far.

Don’t worry folks.  This man is a professional:

“I guarantee you, you crank these up and you can get a dog to stop whatever he’s doing, the bad behavior, 100 percent of the time,” Linteris said.

Oh dear.

I have an alternate proposal:  How about we shock people who don’t train their dogs and let them run wild in public parks?  I’m normally anti-shock collar but if it will stop these owners’ bad behavior 100% of the time, I could maybe make an exception.