Needs Room to Roam – or Not

When I see a dog rehoming ad that says  “Needs large yard to run in”, I translate that to:  We don’t exercise our dog.  We expect him to do that himself but he doesn’t seem to be doing it in our yard so I guess our yard is too small.

Many dogs don’t exercise themselves to the point where they are worn out, which is where most owners want them to be.  At my house, the Beagle will follow her nose all over our property, sometimes for hours.  She does in fact exercise herself.  But of all the dogs I’ve had over the years, she is the exception.  The Flatcoats for example, if left outside to exercise themselves, will bark at the back door like, “Hullo!  We’re outside and you’re not!  What’s the hold up?”

Dogs want human companionship.  If you don’t plan to walk your dog, try an alternate form of exercise such as throwing a ball.  It’s not the size of the yard that is important – it’s the quality time spent together.  Did you know that New York City is a very popular residence for dog owners?  And they don’t have any yards at all!

What verbiage do you see in pet ads that makes you cringe?