Are You Going to Use Those Coupons?

I am not all that keen on processed pet food. Nor was I happy to find out that Pedigree may be discontinuing its food donations to shelters. I appreciate that shelters are not in a position to make, store and feed homemade fresh food. Many rely on donations of processed pet food in order to feed the animals in their care.
I noticed that there are always coupons for pet food and treats in the Sunday paper – some are even for free food. I decided to clip these coupons and as I can afford it, use them a few at a time at the grocery store to purchase food for donating to my local shelters. Maybe you like this idea and want to do the same – great! Maybe you like the idea but don’t see yourself following through on it – ok, here’s another suggestion: Send those pet food coupons to me! I will use them and buy food for donation to my local shelters. Seriously. Send me your coupons. You don’t even have to clip them if you don’t want, just send the whole page with the pet food coupons on it and I’ll clip them myself.
Highest priority: FREE pet food, then canned foods, dry foods, and lastly, treats. I have access to the following chain grocery stores (if you have coupons which must be redeemed ONLY at a certain store): Kroger, Publix, Piggly Wiggly, IGA, and Food Lion. It’s fine to send them once a month or so but please don’t hold on to them so long that I have only a week to use them before they expire. I’m doing this bit by bit and need to space my purchases out as best I can. Let me know if you need my mailing address.

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