Treats on the Internets

Good finds on other pet blogs:

Lassie, Get Help gives us her take on identifying “good” and “bad” family dogs by breed. Good reading and here’s a teensy spoiler: the words “Holy Crap” are featured prominently at the beginning of the post, hehe.

Recipes: I LOVE baking for the dogs. If I didn’t have to work for the money to buy ingredients, I’d prolly bake all day, every day. So I’m always on the lookout for new recipes to try. Petville has one for Peanut Butter Biscotti that sounds fun. And Petdoc posted one of my recipes for a kibble type dinner.

PetConnection has some SuperExcellentFantastic ideas on what could be done with Leona Helmsley’s $8 billion estate gift to canine welfare. I hope something good is done with the money, as opposed to having it sit in a bank account for decades while lawyers argue about it.

Holy Stupidity BatMom! Worms and Germs has a couple good bits on bats and Rabies including a Mom who got into trouble when one of the family’s pet bats bit her son.

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