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Recommended reading from around the Wide World of Web:

Smart Dogs evaluates the evaluators when it comes to testing rescue dogs with resource guarding issues:

The testers waited until the dog was busy eating the food, then began to poke annoyingly at its face with a fake hand on a stick.

This is a good piece – read the full post here.


Terrierman offers a hunter’s perspective on why Sarah Palin’s promotion of wolf killing in Alaska has nothing to do with hunting.


As I mentioned a few days ago, Purina Beneful dog foods were pulled from the shelves at a VA store due to grain mite contamination. Yesterday, Asbury Park Press had a Q & A feature with a Vet who offers an opinion on how dog food might become contaminated with grain mites:

For the grain mites to be so numerous, it makes me wonder how old the pet food you purchased was. I also wonder about the hygiene at the point of manufacture and the quality of the ingredients that could have come from heaven knows where, giving you even more reason to purchase ingredients yourself and make your own dog food.


A Daily Kos diary talks about people dumping an increased number of pets at the side of rural roads in Appalachia during the economic slide.


This article explains how a dysplastic Golden Retriever was treated with an injection of his own stem cells and the hope this treatment may offer other animals.

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