Info on Seized Dogs in Houston Still Sketchy – UPDATED

What has happened to the 187 Pitbulls and mixes seized in the Houston dogfighting ring case?  Does anyone know if the individual evaluations have begun?  Or if the reporting that the courts are to decide the disposition of the dogs is accurate?  If so, presumably the courts will need to review the temperament test results on each dog in order to help make a ruling.

I sent an inquiry to the Houston SPCA spokesman in order to try and clarify what appear to be conflicting internet reports on what is happening with the dogs.  I received two responses this morning but neither contained any info about the dogs.  It would be good to set the record straight and not let internet rumors run amok.  I’m sure everyone would be in agreement on that point.  Another point of agreement:  It’s wonderful that these dogs were rescued from their abusers.  Hopefully now, they can go on to live the lives they were meant for – as man’s best friend and family companion.  

So… anyone have any “on the record” information regarding these dogs? 

Every dog deserves a fair evaluation.

Added:  I also have a couple e-mails in to Houston newspapers requesting an update on the dogs.  Maybe they will have better luck on pinning down the status of the dogs.

UPDATE:  Harris Co Asst. DA Smith is quoted today in the Houston Chronicle as saying all 187 dogs were killed:

All 187 dogs seized in the large bust that led to the mass indictments last month, Smith said, were euthanized because of their aggression — an all-too-common end to a life of suffering.

It’s hard for me to imagine how a canine behaviorist or other qualified individual came up with KILL as the bottom line finding on all 187 evaluations.  I have to wonder if the evaluations were performed by a knowledgeable, independent dog person.  Or were they performed at all?

This will not be my last post on this case.

Every dog deserves a fair evaluation.


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