127 Dogs Seized in NC Dogfighting Raid

A suspected dogfighting kennel was raided by authorities in McGrady, NC on December 10:

A man believed to be the owner of the operation and two others were arrested. Each was charged with one count of felony dog fighting and baiting; additional charges are pending.

Authorities found suspected dog fighting paraphernalia on the property and seized 127 dogs. Several dogs had scars consistent with dog fighting.

The apparent owner of the operation, Ed Faron, was previously convicted of dog fighting and is reportedly one of the 10 most influential figures in the underground dog fighting circuit.

If this guy gets convicted of dogfighting again, let’s hope he gets into the top 10 of some highly unpleasant category in prison. However, if it turns out that he is acquitted of all charges, let’s hope the authorities haven’t already killed all his dogs, a la the Houston SPCA and other so called “rescuers”. And in any case, I hope the dogs can live out the remainder of their lives with appropriate training, discipline, affection, food and shelter provided by a responsible, loving owner. Cos that’s what every dog deserves. But it’s hard to hold on to that hope:

“If the state wins the case, the dogs will be euthanized, as called for under the county’s Animal Control Ordinance, based on the dogs being trained and used for fighting,” [Wilkes Animal Control Director Junior Simmons] said, adding that the dogs were therefore considered dangerous.
About half of the dogs were puppies.

Well crud.

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  1. Petition to DC for a new Bill to protect all anals, from abuse, cruelty, and murder!! Time for their voice to be heard, 5 yr mandatory sentences, .

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