Pitbull News Roundup

B-More Bulldogs has more on the seizure of 127 pitbulls in the NC raid. The kennel owner, who has not yet had his day in court and has admitted no wrongdoing, is being forced to come up with more than $50K to pay the county for 60 days worth of “care” for his seized dogs. If he doesn’t fork over the cash in 5 business days, the dogs will be turned over to the county and, in accordance with county law, eventually killed. This is what’s passing for “justice” these days? Oh and thanks so much to the HSUS for “helping out” on this case. Helping to get more dogs killed that is.

Terrierman posts about proposed breed specific legislation in Montana.

In MA, animal control rescued dozens of pitbulls from an apartment without electricity/heat where they had been left in filthy crates. These dogs will be put up for adoption.

The man accused of cruelty in the OK case, where most of the dogs were killed by authorities with some saved by rescue groups, is out on bail. He is due in court next on January 16. BAD RAP has an update on some of the saved dogs.


My neighbors, who own 6 Pitbulls, have a little boy who sometimes comes to the fence with his dogs. His two pups are so lovable and they both know I am a pushover for all the scritches they can manage through the hog fencing (their heads fit through easily). The other day when I was loving on both the pups, I told the kid how sweet they are. He replied, “Yup, I trained these two good.” Right on, kiddo.

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