11 Pitbulls, 2 Rottweilers Seized in NC – UPDATED

*ding* Round Two in NC:

Tuesday, Gates County Sheriff Edward Webb seized 13 dogs under court order.


Thursday morning, WAVY.com was there when the dog owner, Jackie Parker, turned himself over to the Sheriff.


Parker appeared in court Thursday on one felony count of Dogfighting, 13 misdemeanor counts of Animal Cruelty and three counts of Not Properly Disposing of Animal Carcuses.


WAVY.com visited an animal shelter in Chowan County to see the dogs. Many have scars, appear weak from malnutrition, and one appears to have a broken leg.

I don’t know what the intention is regarding the seized dogs yet but I know what the outcome often is.

Letters, faxes and phone calls requesting the dogs not be killed – be polite, be respectful:

County Attorney

Phillip P. Godwin, Jr.

Godwin & Godwin Attorneys at Law

110 Court Street

Gatesville, NC 27938

(252) 357-0438

Sheriff Edward E. Webb
202 Court Street
P.O. Box 154
Gatesville, NC 27938
Phone: (252) 357-0210
Fax: (252) 357-4131

Gates County Board of Commissioners

Henry Jordan, Chairman

Sunbury District

21 Cooper Road

Sunbury, NC 27979

Phone: 465-8161

Wade H. Askew, Commissioner

Eure District

216 White Oak Road

Eure, NC 27935

(252) 357-0992

Graham L. Twine, Jr., Commissioner

Hobbsville District

1428 Carters Rd.
Hobbsville, NC 27946

(252) 221-8378

Kenneth Jernigan, Vice Chairman

Gates District

387 Gatlington Road

Gates, NC 27937

(252) 357-1007

E. Carlton Nickens, Commissioner

Gatesville District

95 NC 37 South

Gatesville, NC 27938

(252) 357-0313

Will post more when I have it. So far, no word on the HSUS being involved which is good news. Law enforcement was apparently serving a civil warrant when they happened upon the suspected dogfighting operation so it doesn’t sound like this is one of those HSUS orchestrated busts. In the meantime, the suspect is presumed innocent and in my opinion, should retain ownership of his dogs unless he decides to voluntarily sign them over to the County.

Update: A bit more info, from last night:

“Actually, it made me very sick to my stomach to have to deal with what we saw,” said Sheriff Edward Webb. “We actually found some dogs that had been, appeared to have been, burned. We found, actually, an old barn with blood on the walls and so forth. We found down, had carpet in it with blood stains where they had been fighting ‘em in almost like a pit.”

Also from last night, some specifics on the dogs:

Now, all thirteen dogs are fighting to stay alive at the Tri-county animal shelter. Animal control Officer Lacey Wilkins says most have scratches and cuts all over their bodies. One dog was so malnourished that it doesn’t have enough skin on his back.

“These red marks… are actually from his hip bones protruding out of his back,” Wilkins says.”They were living off peanut butter mixed with dog food. Peanut butter is not enough to sustain a dog.”

Wilkins says the dogs are just happy now to have a roof over their head and access to clean water and food.
The Sheriff’s Office says they will probably stay at the shelter for the next six to eight months, even though the shelter is at capacity.

Animal control says it’s up to veterinarians to decide if these dogs can be saved or if they are too vicious and will have to be put down.

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