What’s So Great About Tossing Puppies in a Ditch?

Nothing, as far as the puppy dumping goes, but a lot as to how the story was reported here:

Suzanne Kratz said she didn’t think much about seeing a man throw something out of the back of a red pickup truck, until she realized that his street litter was actually a litter of puppies.


“They feel like instead of bringing it to a shelter where they believe they’ll get killed, they think dumping the animal off might be give the animal a chance,” Thompson said.


“We know that we’re all faced with hard times right now, and you know this person, maybe they were laid off from their job and couldn’t afford to feed them, but there are plenty of people willing to foster,” Kratz said.

This happened in Montgomery County, Texas which is close to Harris County, where 187 Pitbulls were “rescued” and then secretly killed by the rescuers late last year.  So one can imagine how local folks get the idea that turning dogs in to the animal shelter might be a death sentence.  I’m happy to see that mentioned in this article.  Shelters – take note!  Your community is aware of what you do and your actions affect how people handle their pets.

In addition, I’m glad the rescuer doesn’t outright condemn the person who tossed the pups.  Yeah it’s a horrible deed but she extends a compassionate hand of understanding while offering a little education.  That’s the way to do it.

P.S. – Watch the video of the pups – they’re dang cute!  (brief commercial at beginning of vid) 

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