Update on Seized Dogs in Gates Co, NC

Gates County, NC – Update on 13 dogs (11 Pitbulls, 2 Rottweilers) seized from Jackie Robinson Parker:

On Thursday, Jackie Robinson Parker appeared in a Gates County Court on one felony count of Dogfighting and 13 counts of Animal Cruelty.

Parker insists he does not own all 13 dogs, but Ginny Canady, of Chowan County Animal Control reminded Parker, “They all came from your property.”

Parker responded, “I’m saying I don’t know where they came from.”

Canady allowed Parker to look at the dogs, and we asked him about the brown one that a veterinarian says has the scars and scabs that indicate dogfighting within the past two weeks.

Parker claims he doesn’t know anything about it.

There is video at the link of the reporter pressing the issue and Mr. Parker reacting.  “The brown one” looks pretty beat up.  The Virginia Beach SPCA has brought in kibble and supplies for the seized dogs since the shelter where the dogs are being kept lacks resources:

The SPCA also brought heartworm tests, and four of the 13 dogs tested positive. The SPCA also took one of the dogs with a paralyzed leg back to Virginia Beach where his leg could be amputated on Saturday.

But then – Blue Needle Alert:

Veterinarian Thomas Mitchell doing relief work for PETA told us seven of the 13 dogs had poor body condition, and that the scars and scabs are consistent with dogfighting.

PETA’s involvement in any way, shape or form with a dogfighting case is bad news.  PETA’s stance on saving bust dogs is exactly in line with the record of the HSUS – that is, all must die.

Since the shelter appears to be in need of resources, now might be a good time for a Pitbull and/or Rottweiler rescue group to get involved and offer assistance.  It would be a good way to help the dogs and establish a relationship with local authorities in case the dogs become property of the county.

Letters, faxes and phone calls requesting the dogs receive individual evaluations by someone experienced with rescuing and rehoming bust dogs (NOT the HSUS or PETA obviously) – be polite, be respectful:

County Attorney

Phillip P. Godwin, Jr.

Godwin & Godwin Attorneys at Law

110 Court Street

Gatesville, NC 27938

(252) 357-0438

Sheriff Edward E. Webb
202 Court Street
P.O. Box 154
Gatesville, NC 27938
Phone: (252) 357-0210
Fax: (252) 357-4131

Gates County Board of Commissioners

Henry Jordan, Chairman

Sunbury District

21 Cooper Road

Sunbury, NC 27979

Phone: 465-8161

Wade H. Askew, Commissioner

Eure District

216 White Oak Road

Eure, NC 27935

(252) 357-0992

Graham L. Twine, Jr., Commissioner

Hobbsville District

1428 Carters Rd.
Hobbsville, NC 27946

(252) 221-8378

Kenneth Jernigan, Vice Chairman

Gates District

387 Gatlington Road

Gates, NC 27937

(252) 357-1007

E. Carlton Nickens, Commissioner

Gatesville District

95 NC 37 South

Gatesville, NC 27938

(252) 357-0313

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