Vigil for Wilkes Co Dogs in Raleigh on March 4

Ask not for whom the bell tolls HSUS:

Organizers of Wednesday’s candlelight vigil hope lawmakers will enact change to guarantee dogs seized from dog-fighting operations will have the opportunity to be individually evaluated, rather than being automatically deemed ‘dangerous’ and destroyed.

The vigil will be held 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 4 at Bicentennial Mall, 16 W. Jones St., in Raleigh, near the North Carolina General Assembly.
As a bell is rung 145 times –once for each of the Wildside Kennel dogs euthanized solely because they were seized from a dog-fighter’s breeding operation – a collar will be placed in a circle.

The dogs were put to death without individual evaluations after the judge heard testimony from two representatives from the HSUS urging that all the seized dogs, including 19 pups still nursing from their dams, be killed.


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