Foaming at the Mouth

Update on the dogs seized in a Washington, GA alleged dogfighting bust from Washington Police Department Lt. Joe Nelson:

“‘Was it scary?‘ Yes, yes, these dogs were vicious. These dogs were bred to kill. They were foaming at the mouth, they were ready to attack,“ says Lt. Nelson.

Police arrested Tavaris and Lawanda Ramsey and seized the pit bulls, drugs, and other valuables. But, authorities say this ring is far-reaching and expect to make more arrests.

Walking with us Monday, the lieutenant found a pregnant pit bull in the woods near the house and says if Animal Control hadn’t taken it, a litter of killer dogs was inevitable.

So they just fall out the birth canal snarling, snapping and ready to eat people?  By gosh by golly, that sounds skeery.

It’s a heart-wrenching situation for any animal lover, including those at Washington-Wilkes Animal Shelter where the dogs are being held. “Our efforts are put forth trying to save the dogs, do the best we can for them. But that’s the key, to do what’s best for the dog,“ says Gloria Wheatley.

The shelter says it’s looking for a sanctuary for the six puppies, in case they can be saved. They say the three adult pit bulls will have to be put down. As for the pregnant pit bull they took Monday, it was very skittish, but they say they’ll monitor it and decide what to do with the puppies forthcoming.

What about what to do with the dam?  Or is she doomed for death without qualified evaluation like the other adults?  Sorry but you people don’t sound too heart-wrenched.  Are you familiar at all with the term “animal shelter”?

And where are you HSUS?  Why is there no publicity for getting these dogs individual evaluations in accordance with your supposed “interim” policy on bust dogs?  I know it’s not a glamorous case like a chimp mauling someone or a circus elephant or chickens in cages but come on – even the unsexy cases should get a share of those donated funds.  It will cost money to provide these dogs with quality care while the legal case is sorted out and to bring in a trainer experienced with rehoming bust dogs to perform individual evaluations.  And the local authorities will need to be educated and influenced to do the right thing.  Legal action may be necessary to try to save these dogs.  HSUS can do all those things.  In fact, they’ve done those things in order to get bust dogs killed, like they did in Wilkes Co, NC.  Here’s an opportunity to put your money where your “interim” mouth is in Wilkes Co, GA and save these dogs from being killed without qualified evaluations.  

Every dog deserves a fair evaluation.

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