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The article is titled “Fighting birds didn’t have a chance” and describes the killing of gamecocks by authorities at a NC residence. One way to interpret the piece is that fighting Pitbulls are regularly saved (uh, no) but fighting birds are not:

When federal officers busted up former NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s dog-fighting ring, many of the pit bulls were saved by animal lovers patient enough to work with the abused and violent dogs.

No such salvation awaits fighting birds after a big-time bust. The morning the birds were discovered, three Moore County animal control officers worked for six hours, shooting each bird in the head with a .22-caliber pistol.

Was even a single phone call made to any rescue organization in an effort to save any of the birds? Cos it doesn’t sound like it. The reason the birds “didn’t have a chance” had nothing to do with lack of effort by animal lovers and everything to do with the immediate killing of the birds by police.

Also, which of Vick’s rescued dogs were “violent”? Obviously not all of them, but the statement could be taken that way.


An otherwise nice story about a rescued Pitbull in Santa Barbara is marred by HSUS commentary on saving bust dogs:

Humane Society officials are wary of all the publicity generated by the Michael Vick pit bull matter. Yes, many of the dogs were turned around to live happy, normal lives, but the effort cost a lot of money. Most pit bulls taken from a fighting situation end up getting the needle.

“You don’t hear so much about the abused and neglected dogs that get euthanized,” said Adam Goldfarb, a pit bull expert with the Humane Society of the United States. “Not all dogs are able to recover from traumatic circumstances.”

Yeah they aren’t able to recover too well when the HSUS kills them either. (Note to journalists: Asking the HSUS for info on saving bust dogs is about as reasonable as asking Jim Jones for punch recipes.)


A “spinning” technique for tick removal – I’m going to try it on the next unlucky tick that latches on to one of the dogs.


When fire breaks out in family’s home, they sleep through smoke alarm so Pitbull gets on the job of waking the family up! 


The Iditarod killed 5 dogs this year and people are talking about it.


Sentry dogs on patrol at Idaho prison

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