Biting Dachshunds: How Cute

If you read this story, you’ll note the “cute” tone and that it’s filed under “weird news”:

It aint the size of the dog in the fight. It’s the size of the fight in the dog. Just ask the ten year old Brooksville girl who was walking her two pit bulls Monday.

According to a Hernando County Sheriff’s report, the unnamed child was walking her friends two pit bulls when three dachshunds escaped from their home and charged the big dogs. The sheriff’s report says, “The one dachshund nipped (the girl’s) right leg in the back right above the ankle. (The girl) stated that the pit bulls did nothing but look at the three dachshunds.”

It’s all ha ha ha until somebody loses an eye. Which could happen if a Dachshund bit a kid in the face. No charges were filed in this case and clearly it’s being viewed as a snicker-worthy story. But if it happened the other way around with the loose Pitbulls biting the girl and the Dachshunds looking on? Would the story be reported in the same way? My guess:
The “scratch” reported in this article would be described as a “bite”, the Pitbulls would have been seized and destroyed, the owner cited for letting his dogs roam, and the community would be clamoring to enact breed specific legislation to “prevent another Pitbull tragedy”.

Oh and by the way, a 10 year old girl walking multiple dogs of any breed on her own is a lousy idea. A child is not going to be able to control multiple dogs of any breed if they decide there is something more interesting to do besides walk nicely on leash. I could easily imagine this Dachshund incident turning into some kind of less-than-hilarious biting scenario resulting in injured/dead dogs and bitten child who attempted to intervene. Responsible pet ownership begins at home.

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