Vick’s Movie of the Week

Since apparently HSUS and friends in attendance at the “Pitbull stakeholders” meeting in Vegas aren’t ready to talk, I’ll keep my thread open and update it when and if someone decides to say something.  To keep the blog from going all tumbleweedy in the meantime, I’ll be adding in a few tidbits.  First on Michael Vick’s financial status:

In his failed bankruptcy hearing, Michael Vick presented to the judge a pending source of income to pay back his debts:

Vick told the court that he is ready to sign what he and his lawyers claim is a $600,000 documentary television deal, but the judge was not impressed.


Vick’s lawyers said he has agreed to a television documentary deal that will pay him $600,000 – half up front, the rest when the film is completed – but [Judge Frank J.] Santoro held up the one-page proposal from an organization called Red Bird and questioned whether it could be considered a bona fide deal.


One of Vick’s attorneys also alluded to people in “the literary arts” working on Vick’s behalf, but he provided no details.  

I thought criminals weren’t supposed to profit via “movie and book deals” about their crimes?  Maybe these media productions will be exclusively about Vick’s athletic career, I don’t know.  And I won’t find out either since it will be a cold day in Hell before I have any interest in a book or tv show about Michael Vick.   

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