Moses Lake, WA Gleeful about BSL Victims in Local Shelter

The city of Moses Lake, WA enacted BSL on January 1st, 2009. In order for residents to keep their Pitbulls, Rottweilers or Presa Canarios, they must pay a $250 registration fee, neuter and microchip the pet, buy $200,000 worth of insurance in case the dog bites, and confine to the pet to an enclosed structure.

Why this sucks:

  1. Most Pitbulls, Rottweilers and Presa Canarios – and most dogs of any breed or mix – don’t bite. Dogs that do bite may be any breed or mix. Forcing certain owners to purchase a costly insurance policy without any evidence that their dogs are high risk for a bite claim is unfair. The only true means of determining any dog’s potential for human aggression is an individual evaluation by a qualified behaviorist. The idea that Pitbulls are high risk biters is perpetuated by lazy media in this country who squeal for joy when they get to put “Pitbull” and “maul” in a headline. Stories about attacks caused by other breeds and mixes are largely under-reported.
  2. Neuter and microchipping are decisions best made after consideration of the individual pet’s circumstances by the owner and his Vet. Further, unless the city of Moses Lake is offering low/no cost neuter and microchipping to owners affected by this law, how are people supposed to pay for it on such short notice?
  3. Offhand I would guess that no one owns a Presa Canario in the city of Moses Lake (since they are an uncommon breed) but I bet there are some other dogs (purebreds and mixes) not affected by this law who are high risk for human aggression incidents. How is the public interest being served by ignoring those other (assumed on my part) “hazardous dogs”?

So how are things going after the first quarter of the year under the new law?

Of the 161 dogs impounded or surrendered by their owners from Jan. 1 through March 31, 50 dogs were pit bulls, two were rottweilers and no presa canarios were sent to the shelter.

City Manager Joe Gavinski told the council the information provides a different perspective on the effectiveness of the ordinance. Although few are registered with the city, many people are relinquishing their animals, he said.

Congratulations Mr. Gavinski. You’ve forced families to give up pets without any evidence those individual dogs were high risk for biting. You must be so proud. Has the city killed them all already or are some still languishing on your shelter’s Death Row? Thank you for revealing the true face of BSL: Ignorance, Intolerance, and Cruelty.

Every dog deserves a fair evaluation.

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