"You’ve got a super dog"

A shop in VA Beach has a resident dog – a one year old Pitbull named Rico. On Sunday, two armed men entered the store (presumably to rob it) and shot Rico in the head. Despite his wound, Rico acted on the threat and protected his humans, allowing them to escape:

“I know for a fact he saved our lives,” said Chuck Smellinger, 34, one of the shop’s owners. “It was amazing, because I’ve never seen him act out aggressively.”

“The vet said, ‘You’ve got a super dog,’” said owner Christopher Selby, 31, who adopted Rico a few weeks ago from his previous owner, who couldn’t care for him anymore.

Rico’s heroic act speaks well for pit bulls, especially because he didn’t attack first, Smellinger said.

“Anyone who has a pit bull and doesn’t fight it will tell you they’re the smartest, coolest dogs,” Selby said. “It’s 100 percent the image and the owner and the socialization and how they’re raised.”

Rico will make an appearance at Saturday’s fundraiser [to help cover vet bills], sporting a sparkling “bling-bling” collar, Selby said. “He’ll be treated like a hero for the rest of his life.”

All the bling you can handle for the rest of your days Rico! And let’s hope they catch the cowards who brandished guns in the store and shot the hero dog.

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