Will Warrantless Searches Save NC Shelter Pets from their Executioners?

A vague and intrusive breeder bill being considered in NC prompted an opinion piece in The News & Observer:

These animals come at a cost to taxpayers, who bear the burden of sheltering and killing the unlimited rejects of the commercial breeding industry. Animal shelters are easy dumping grounds for breeders seeking to dispose of animals deemed unsuitable for sale. These sick, genetically deformed dogs are then euthanized at the taxpayers’ expense.

To paraphrase – If you don’t support this bill, we’ll keep killing shelter animals and you’ll pay us to do it.

Newsflash: Taxpayers do not want to pay for killing shelter pets because shelter pets should be vetted, redeemed, rehomed, rehabilitated or placed into rescue – not killed. Euthanasia should be reserved to end suffering for those animals deemed medically hopeless or medically unmanageable by a Vet. Further, taxpayers do not want to fund your Breeder Police under a bill so vague that it puts many non-commercial breeders at risk of warrantless home searches.

The SPCA of Wake County does have an agenda: to end the killing of adoptable companion animals and to prevent the cruelty inflicted on animals.

The proven method to end the killing of adoptable pets in shelters is the implementation of the No Kill Equation. Embrace it, own it. Involve your community. We are a no kill nation of pet lovers who cherish our rights as U.S. citizens and won’t be fooled into giving them up by scare tactics and misguided legislative proposals. Join us.

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