Over 20 Pitbulls Seized in AL Dogfighting Bust

Bessemer, AL police reportedly seized 21 Pitbulls (although another story adds in 6 pups for a total of 27 seized dogs) from a suspected dogfighter last week. Video – showing the dogs looking rough – is here. No word on what’s going to happen to the dogs next but I will keep an eye on the case as it develops.

2 thoughts on “Over 20 Pitbulls Seized in AL Dogfighting Bust

  1. I tried to click on the link that has the video and it’s a broken link?!?!?! Do you have a URL I can use to see the video?


    1. Since it’s almost 2 years old, I’m guessing the source may have removed/altered it. That’s the nature of blogging – old news=dead links. : (

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