We’ve Always Been at War with Eastasia

Whatever the reasons, the WSB-TV Atlanta report examining the fact that many pet lovers incorrectly believe their donations to HSUS support their local shelters, has been pulled. The news site removed the video and text article (including HSUS response and reader comments) and apparently demanded YouTube remove the video as well (claiming copyright violation). All that’s left is a “clarification” from the news station regarding the Hurricane Katrina funds and of course HSUS has posted their response (to a story now deleted) on their own site. CCF has a write up of the piece here.

So I guess we’re all just supposed to forget about the whole thing. And we should definitely not remember the part about how the station checked on their state’s HSUS activities and found them to be primarily directed toward legislation, not sheltering. In the piece, the GA director for HSUS agreed that legislation and lobbying were her group’s main focus. I’m sure we should delete that from our memory banks because if we were to think about it, well that would call into question the 501(c)3 status of the HSUS, which might get someone riled up.

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