2 Pitbulls Seized from Alleged Dogfighters in NJ

Police in Hamilton Township, NJ charged 5 men with dogfighting and seized 2 Pitbulls after apparently coming upon a dogfight in the woods. Video showing the dogs with multiple bite wounds and swollen legs is here. If the owners are convicted or sign the dogs over to authorities, I hope the dogs receive a fair evaluation to determine what type of training and home environment is most appropriate for each. A positive sign that there isn’t a rush to kill them:

Since animal control officers transported the dogs to the Columbus Veterinary Hospital, where they are currently recovering, the animal control officer has received numerous calls from people interested in adopting the two animals.

“At this point both seem well and will recover,” he [Captain James Stevens] said.

One thought on “2 Pitbulls Seized from Alleged Dogfighters in NJ

  1. As much as I believe dog fighting is despicable, to my mind it is even more despicable to “save” animals from horrendous conditions only to kill them. Here’s to hoping upon hope that the dogs find homes.

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