Treats on the Internets

Save Our Dogs profiles “The Best Animal Control Program in North America” in Calgary, Canada. Calgary shelters take in 5000 dogs per year and do not kill for population control. Their dog licensing rate is over 90%. Their success has been achieved in part because they don’t have MSN, BSL, pet limit laws or anti-tethering laws. Sounds like a good model to follow.

It’s Dog Bite Prevention Week, which looks a bit different from the dog’s perspective

From The Senior Dogs Project: Top 10 Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog

Another opinion piece on Vick’s possible return to the NFL

Sign PetPAC’s petition letting Congress know that HSUS and PETA do not speak for you

Join our Facebook group to promote awareness and effect change regarding animal shelter abuse and killings

Rawr: Feral cat video – Kitty gone wild

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