AZ: Pitbull Rescue Fail

From CBS news in Phoenix:

Dozens of dogs and puppies, mostly pit bulls, are being pulled from a New River home by Valley rescue groups.
Rescuers said many of the animals had only green or brown water to drink, and two were so badly hurt they died from their injuries.
The man who was supposed to be caring for the dogs was a volunteer foster parent for one of the rescue groups.
Rescuers said several of the dogs had gotten into a fight and were bleeding. One dog died before they got to the property this weekend.
Another was taken to the hospital, but her injuries were too severe and she died late Monday afternoon. Two others were deemed vicious and had to be put down.

Well suck, suck and double-suck.

Mangano [who sent the dogs to this “foster parent”] added she may need to start a better screening process for potential foster parents in the future to make sure the animals go to good homes.

Oh, ya think?

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