What’s Going on at the Lyon Co Animal Shelter?

Dog owners in Nevada redeemed their dog Maui from the Lyon Co Animal Shelter in December 2008 and found he was injured. Maui had been in a run with 3 Pitbulls. From there, things get a little confusing as everybody involved tries to dodge responsibility. The Deputy who impounded the dog says he followed protocol (one dog per kennel) and placed Maui in a run by himself. He says the dog was happy and healthy at the time of impound. The county manager has his own version of events:

Lyon County Manager Dennis Stark claims shelter works had no hand in which kennel the Storey County Deputy placed Maui in. Stark also says, Maui may have been injured before he even got to the shelter since the Storey County incident report states Maui was was picked up for aggressive behavior. Regardless if maui was injured before he got to the shelter or while he was there, it appears Lyon County violated its own policies. According to Lyon County Animal Services Policy and Procedures, the shelter should have provided medical treatment to Maui.

Not only that, but someone violated the “one dog to a run” policy when they put the second Pitbull in with the first. And again when someone put the third Pitbull in with those two. But they prolly don’t have owners and so there is no one to speak for them. And anyway they’re just Pitbulls so who cares, I guess. Maui’s owners have filed a claim for the $1600 Vet bill incurred pursuant to the dog’s injuries. Mr. Stark denied the claim. They are pursuing further action.

Apparently these violations are not isolated incidents at the shelter but rather part of a pattern of abuse. An emergency meeting was recently called to discuss the shelter situation:

Many concerned Lyon County citizens say the shelter operations are not up to standards. “They need help. They don’t have water, they don’t have food, they don’t have shelter or they’re being beat. there’s a number of things I’ve seen and we won’t even go into detail.” That’s according to Nonie Higley, a former animal control officer.

Even local law enforcement agencies like the Lyon County Sheriff’s Department have reported a lack of cooperation and assistance from Lyon County Animal Control.


Now,the board will make recommendations and report to the county commissioners to address shelter problems.

Now, it’s up to Lyon County commissioners to make a decision for action and set policy regarding shelter operations.

Dennis Stark, the county manager, is the one to put that policy in place. [emphasis mine]

Sort of a HopeKill there, ain’t it?

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