Collateral Damage

There seems to be a continuous supply of “Pitbull set on fire” stories in the news. Like most other severe cruelty cases, I try to avoid them. We all have our limits.

But the story of Phoenix, a female Pitbull in Baltimore who was saved when hero police officer Syreeta Teel saw her in flames and put the fire out using a piece of her own clothing, caught my attention:

The Pit Bull was brought to BARCS [Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter]. Despite the severe pain she was in, she wagged her tail and looked for comfort from the BARCS staff members.


She has suffered horrific burns over 95% of her body. The fire stripped the fur and flesh from her small figure.


Phoenix has a long road ahead of her. Her injuries are vast and she is at risk for infection and in severe pain.
There is a reward of $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who are responsible for setting fire to the dog in Southwest Baltimore, in the 1700 Block of Calhoun Street, on Wednesday, May 27th. All tips are confidential. Call 410-396-4698 and ask for the Animal Enforcement Officer Supervisor at the Bureau of Animal Control.

I have no idea what motivated the sicko(s) who set this dog on fire. But I got to thinking. Baltimore has a history of BSL (now repealed). And certainly one doesn’t have to look too hard in the MSM to find sensationalized – and sometimes totally inaccurate – stories about Pitbull maulings. Is there a collective price to pay for demonizing an entire breed of dog based upon the actions of a small percentage of irresponsible owners? Phoenix can’t talk of course, but I sure would like to hear her thoughts.

To donate to the Franky Fund which is being used to pay for Phoenix’s care, please click here.

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