45 Dogs Seized in Randolph Co, AL Dogfighting Bust

The ASPCA, HSUS and AL authorities have arrested 2 men and seized 45 dogs in connection with alleged dogfighting activity in 2 raids in Randolph Co, AL. The ASPCA release has some specific info on the dogs:

“These dogs definitely suffered abuse and inhumane treatment at the hands of dogfighters,” said Dr. Merck, senior director of Veterinary Forensics for the ASPCA. “So far, we’ve seen that one is unable to walk, another that is limping, and many that are injured, some severely. Our hope is that the forensic evidence collected will help us seek justice for all of these animals.”

Dogs were discovered on heavy chains and have scars, untreated injuries and wound patterns indicative of fighting. In addition, controlled substances, illicit drugs and other paraphernalia related to dogfighting have been discovered.

The HSUS release indicates that information received via its own tip line led to the raids. It also states:

The HSUS, according to its policy, will recommend that dogs seized in these raids be evaluated for adoption suitability.

This is significant because it’s the first time, to my knowledge, that HSUS is publicly making such a statement in accordance with its new bust dog policy. The specifics of that policy, and what the actual outcome for the dogs seized in this case will be, remain to be seen.

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