Dude, Suck It

From FL:

A man was jailed on animal cruelty charges after officials reportedly found five sick and underfed pit bulls at his home.
[D]eputies saw two dogs in small wooden cages and others that were infested with fleas and parasites. One pit bull, Poncho, was hacking badly and suffered from heartworm disease.

All of the dogs were taken from Bowens [the owner], who told officials that he knew Poncho was sick but could not get him to a veterinarian because he recently was jailed on other charges.

First off, it takes years for heartworm disease to develop to the point of “hacking badly”. Heartworm preventives are available for little cost, even for a group of dogs, without a prescription, and recommended year round by every Vet I’ve ever known for pets living in the Southeast. I have no idea how long this guy was in jail previously but indeed if it was many years, obviously he should have had someone caring for the dogs.

At any rate, the charges he faces now for the alleged years of neglect of his 5 Pitbulls are only misdemeanors. So he prolly won’t be able to use the “But I was in jaaaaaaail” excuse next time.

If he is found guilty on these cruelty charges, I hope he doesn’t get these dogs back. I also hope the dogs receive the treatment they need and can find permanent homes with owners who will take care of them.


Completely separate cruelty story here, but if these allegations are true, this guy – and anyone who watched this going on and did not report it to authorities – can suck it too.

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