"Why, she wouldn’t even harm a fly…"

President Obama swatted a fly. Always at hand for a chance at free publicity, PETA has condemned the swattage. CNN and a great many other MSM outlets have carried the PETA response but I have yet to see a single one mention the bitter irony that PETA actually kills – not euthanizeskills thousands of homeless pets every year without making a single effort to find them homes. PETA doesn’t even have a “shelter”.* They just take in homeless pets and kill them. Immediately. From intake to freezer in 60 seconds flat. So forgive me MSM but you’ll need to do a leetle better than simply running with the bullshit PETA hands you. Vetting, anyone?

You know at the end of Psycho when the full mental whackedness of Norman Bates is revealed and he decides not to swat a fly because police may be watching and he wants to mask his true murderous, psychotic nature ? I think of you PETA. I really do.

*From testimony at the 2007 trial of PETA staffers found to be taking animals from Vets with the promise of finding them homes, killing them in the PETA van and dumping the bodies in a Piggly Wiggly dumpster, Daphna Nachminovitch says:

PETA does not maintain an animal shelter. […] We do not have a public facility that’s open to the public where people can stroll through and pick an animal. That’s not a service that we are able to provide.

You say it like it’s a bad thing. Like the public is too unwashed to deserve to adopt pets from a shelter. As if PETA’s plan for “helping” pets is to just kill, kill, kill. Got it.


A brief note on the lighter than normal blogging here for the past week: I have been immersed in following the events in Iran via Twitter. I hope to catch up soon and at least touch upon several pet related stories of interest that I normally would have blogged about but just haven’t gotten to yet. In the meantime: Power to the people!

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