Case Update: Seized Pitbulls in AL

What has happened to the 45 Pitbulls seized from two locations in AL last month? It was reported that one of the men charged pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and resisting arrest. I haven’t seen any additional information about the other owner’s case. Since the one defendant’s case is closed, and it was reported that he surrendered all 25 of his seized dogs, I made some calls to see if I could find out any information on their current status.

Good news: I was told by the DA’s office that some rescue groups had contacted HSUS regarding the dogs and offered to take them in for rehab and adoption. And that the judge did not need to make a ruling regarding the disposition of the dogs since the owner voluntarily signed them over to the county and HSUS had custody of the dogs. The 20 dogs belonging to the second defendant are still being held, pending the outcome of the legal case.

At this time, I don’t have any other sources of information on the dogs so if you have any details, please share. I will continue to follow the story as things develop.

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