What’s in a Name?

Just ask People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. See they get that you want to sound like you’re a bunch of “people”, not monsters, who believe in “ethical treatment”, not killing, of animals. That’s the way to reel in normal people and garner support for your “cause”, not total pet extinction plan.

Unfortunately for local government officials in Mumbai, India who attempted to offer a kill solution to the city’s stray dog problem, they failed to receive support for their mass slaughter plan:

The large building in Deonar, a suburb of Mumbai was built in 2000 as a “killing center” for the homeless dogs that live on the streets. Local government officials (BMC) had gone to the Bombay High Court to obtain an order that allowed the mass killing of these stray dogs. In preparation for an easy win in court, the BMC built the new facility ahead of time.

But in a surprise twist of fate, the High Court turned down the city’s plan and instead gave the center to an animal rights organization called IDA India with the directive to begin a comprehensive spay and neuter program.

The group moved into the “kill center” and instituted a massive TNR style program for the street dogs. And they’ve expanded their services with plans for continued growth.

Kinda makes me wonder if PETA’s killing center in VA – where they kill nearly every animal they get their icy hands on – was renamed appropriately to reflect the actual work done there, would people still support them?

Welcome to the premiere pet slaughterhouse in the United States, home of Monsters for the Killing of Pets. Please follow me as we tour this state of the art kill facility. Afterwards, we’ll have wine tasting outside the Piggly Wiggly dumpster walk-in freezer. Please leave your donations to help us further our efforts.

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