Case Update: Walker Co Humane Society in AL

You know how sometimes, whatever the reason, you come across something that leaves you feeling like you’ve been kicked in the chest?

You may remember the story of Boost, the Boxer who got loose and was turned in to the local shelter by good Samaritans in Walker County, AL. The shelter director killed him immediately and so the owner’s heart was broken when he showed up promptly to redeem his pet. The shelter director’s justification for the killing:

“The dog would not come out of the carrier so we had to use a capture pole. That is when he became aggressive.”

She further hinted that Boost tried to bite someone at the shelter.

Lies, damn lies and lying shelter directors who kill dogs:

  • Surveillance video from the parking lot shows Boost being taken out of the crate. (about 1:00 mark)
  • Surveillance video from the shelter lobby shows Boost being brought into the shelter (about 1:00 mark)
  • Surveillance video from the shelter kennel area – well it shows a shelter worker pushing a shopping cart containing a trash bag out the back door before turning out the lights for the day. [Insert run of curse words here.]

The video seems to confirm what the couple who turned Boost in to the shelter claimed – that he was not aggressive and no catchpole was used. It also might confirm my suspicion that the dog was brought in near the end of the day and the shelter director didn’t feel like doing her job so she killed the dog instead of making a space for him. And then made up a story to cover her lying ass when the owner showed up to redeem his pet.

There is a legal case regarding this matter which I will continue to follow with interest. In the meantime, I can’t help but wonder how many friendly dogs this shelter director is killing today. Or yesterday. Or tomorrow…

One thought on “Case Update: Walker Co Humane Society in AL

  1. Odd that this is a county and city funded “Humane” society that acts as Animal Control for the county, “collecting strays, accepting surrenders and DISPOSING OF THEM.” – AND they are not listed on ASBVME official current list of registered animal facilities.
    Doesn’t HSUS AL Rep Gilbert live right there in the same town, Jasper, AL. Well, the ASBVME and obviously, the HSUS Rep is not concerned. Not that registering means too much – BUT it is a law, a requirement for all “kill facilities” in AL. Go figure!

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