The Tigers Come at Night

Nathan Winograd dreamed a good dream about a statement from HSUS regarding the current multi-state bust dogs:

The Humane Society of the United States wants to assure everyone concerned over the fate of these dogs that we are doing everything in our power to provide unconditional love and the best care possible for the victims of these crimes. Their welfare is our utmost concern, and every action we take on their behalf will be guided by compassion for their plight, respect for the lives, and an unwavering commitment to ensuring we find them a safe, loving environment, in which to spend the rest of their lives. We know that rescue groups often have stretched resources. We know that shelters, like the Humane Society of Missouri, also have to care for the daily influx of dogs and cats in their shelter. So as the nation’s largest, richest, and most powerful animal protection organization, we are stepping up to the plate. If any rescue groups have the capacity to help, we’ll welcome it. But rest assured: we will not allow a single one of these dogs to lose their lives. However long it takes, however much it costs, we will save all the puppies. We will save all the dogs. And if any are aggressive, we will undertake a comprehensive rehabilitation. That is our pledge to them. And that is our pledge to you.

Maybe someday that dream will come true. I don’t know but I’m open to the possibility. I would love it if it came true today for these dogs and for all the dogs seized in cases that haven’t gotten so much media attention. They are not forgotten.

As I’ve said before, once HSUS has saved as many bust dogs as they’ve killed in the past, I’ll consider them at zero. They will have, at that point, earned an opportunity to start the pendulum swinging in a positive direction. Right now though, they are in the hole. Deep. And talk is cheap.

[Note: Title is a lyric from “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables]

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