Case Update: Walker Co Humane Society in AL

Couple of updates:

No gag order has been imposed in the Boost case but the surveillance videos I linked to previously have been removed. Thankfully we still have access to the truth here and here.

You’re so lame, you probably think this blog is about you.

Someone who didn’t pass creative writing in high school has made herself up a webbysite:

Walker County Law is a site dedicated to featuring attorneys located in Jasper, Alabama in Walker County, Alabama. Attorneys featured on this page are here because they have performed outstanding or noteworthy deeds in the recent past.

The attorneyS featured on the site amount to a grand total of one – the attorney representing Boost’s owner. I think the page intends to discredit the attorney and his client. Hard to tell from the jumbled mess o’ words (I’m still trying to work out “the Imoral Boost”). But what’s really a funny coincidence is the page is a twin of looks kinda pretty much exactly like the Walker Co Humane Society website. I assume only high level staff have access to the shelter’s web design. What are the odds, ya know?

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