Death for Underperformers?

Dear Michael Vick,

Is it ok to kill dogs if we feel they are in some way “underperforming”? Maybe a rescue dog underperforms in an evaluation, for example – exhibits fearful behavior during the test. Or maybe a competition dog underperforms in the venue of the owner’s choice, for example – doesn’t win.

Considering that you have never publicly expressed remorse nor accepted legal responsibility for the cruelty you inflicted to your dogs, and taking into account the USDA report on your criminal case, I assume your answer is an unqualified YES. To use your words, “They got to go”.

But what are the best methods for killing dogs? I know you personally have employed hanging, shooting, electrocution, drowning and repeated body slamming to kill your dogs. But now that you’ve partnered with HSUS, I’m wondering if you still feel those are the best methods or if you’ve been influenced to believe that an injection is more appropriate? Or should I say, an injection after a dog has been given an unfair evaluation which determines he should be killed, preferably after farming the dog out to a third party so the blood is not on your hands?

If my assumption that you remain in favor of killing underperforming dogs is wrong, please let the public know in clear terms. And if that is the case, definitely get as far away from HSUS as you can, since their actions would seem to be at odds with your changed beliefs.

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